Our physical therapy program is a true sports medicine practice.

It takes place in a gym, amongst athletes, and involves extensive movement and field work.

We work closely with our patients to help them understand what caused an injury and how to prevent reoccurrence in the future.


Physical Therapy Services Offered

Trigger point dry-needling

Blow flow restriction rehabilitation

Muscle force evaluation testing with a handheld dynamometer

Muscle temperature evaluation

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

Postural Restoration centered treatment

Comprehensive biomechanics evaluation

Movement screening

Post surgical rehabilitation

Return to sport rehabilitation

Injury prevention screening and training


Work with the best physical therapists in the country!

We develop individualized treatment plans and empower our patients by giving them the necessary tools to get back in the game.


dr. teddy willsey, pt, dpt, cscs

director of healthy baller sports medicine


As both a Physical Therapist and a strength and conditioning coach, Teddy works with patients from individual rehab and conditioning to team training. Teddy emphasizes injury prevention and long term planning as a means to staying healthy. To say he leads an active lifestyle would be an understatement, as he is a competitive power lifter.


dr. wesley wang,


lead physical therapist


Wesley works with athletes of all ages and his treatment philosophy centers around movement, strengthening and patient education. Having personally suffered 2 ACL tears from playing basketball, Wesley’s treatments prioritize regaining full mobility, strength and confidence to reduce the likelihood of suffering another injury.


Strength and conditioning, sport coaches and sports medicine


This collaborative approach to physical therapy is extremely unique. We follow a patient centered care model: this involves in-house communication as well as outside coordination with physicians, school athletic trainers, sport coaches, and parents. We feel this gives our athletes the best opportunity to return to their sports in a safe and timely manner.

We take pride in preparing our athletes during the critical last few months before return to competition after major surgery. Most typical rehab programs fall short here, as they are not equipped to challenge high level athletes and determine their readiness.

My knee rehab was going slow until I started working with Teddy. He helped me get all my strength and explosiveness back and get back on the court full time.
— Tre Campbell | Point Guard | University of South Carolina
I sought out Dr. Teddy after suffering from extensive hip and pelvic region damage during labor and delivery of my daughter. Dr. Teddy is super passionate and knowledgeable about his approach to physical therapy. His background in strength conditioning coupled with his non-traditional PT techniques is a super formula for fast efficient recovery. He’s extremely down to earth and every session was uniquely tailored to my needs.
— Gabrielle Ziegler | 38 year old mother of 2
I am a football player from Sweden with an ACL injury. I’ve been training with Wesley for about six weeks and it’s been amazing. My knee feels so much stronger now and I’ve learned a lot from him. To all the Injured athletes out there, Wesley is the man to help you get back to the sport you love.
— Zee K. | Semi-pro football player
Dr. Wesley was amazing and very professional. A year after my surgery I was still in pain and very behind where I wanted to be. Three sessions after seeing Dr. Wesley my ankle felt better then I ever expected. I was able to stop wearing my ankle brace and feel sturdy and strong again. He really changed the way I could play.
— Marley C. | Susquehanna University Women’s Soccer

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