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At Healthy Baller, our training system is movement-based. The programs we create are aimed to support and improve the way an athlete moves on the field or court. Our goal is not to develop power-lifters or body-builders, but to build complete athletes who are ready to withstand the year-round rigors of their chosen sport.

Team or Group Training

Teams or Groups consist of 8 or more athletes training at the same time. The training specifics, such as training days and times, duration of the program, number of athletes involved and payment rates, will be established prior to the start of the program. Healthy Baller (HB) is also available for off-site training. Each team or group will have their own contract with HB outlining the details mentioned above.

Team or Group training rates are lower than semi-private rates due to the larger number of participants. Our staff is committed to creating an individual training experience within a group environment.  

Semi-Private Training

1-4 athletes with common goals may be training at the same time. Each athlete in a semi-private session will have his/her own training profile that has their entire training history and goals. Based upon those profiles, our staff will then to customize the training programs to their individual needs.  

Speed School

The Healthy Baller Speed School is an innovative group workout that addresses vertical jump, 1st step explosiveness, defensive reaction and overall movement efficiency. This is an open group that meets Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout most of the year. Due to the nature of this being an on-going group, most athletes attend on a drop-in basis. The majority of athletes attending speed school are at the middle school- to high school levels and play a variety of different sports.    

College Prep

This program is designed for  college athletes looking to prepare for their fall/spring season.The group meets in the summer and winter based upon the time period when participants would be home for break. Most college athletes are given a workout packet from their respective colleges. Our goal is to create an all-inclusive training program that addresses the requirements of their specific college packet, in addition to challenging them to become well-rounded athletes. Many athletes make the common mistake of overtraining before leaving for school, whereas we focus on managing their training volume so that they are feeling great heading into their fall- or spring season.  This is a six-day per week program.  Four days are dedicated to intense training sessions, including but not limited to: speed technique work, strength; power development; and conditioning.  There are two days dedicated to recovery, where students practice yoga, take ice baths, and work on specific stretching or mobility techniques.  The combination of a high energy regimen and a competitive training environment will bring out the best in each athlete.  

Overseas Training and Team Consulting

Healthy Baller has been traveling the world helping professional athletes, coaches and National teams since 2006. We’ve been everywhere, from Italy, Germany and the, Dominican Republic, to China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia.  Since 2006, Healthy Baller has also worked with NIKE China Basketball to help with the NIKE All-Asia Camp.  

If you’re a Coach, Player or Team Manager, Healthy Baller can help with the following Overseas Training services:

  • Full Comprehensive Evaluation of each team player
  • Develop an organized seasonal or year round team training template to meet the specific needs of your players and facilities
  • Online Consulting for In-Season Training

Services may be provided in-person by traveling to the location or done remotely online.

  • Working with Blair and Healthy Baller during the NBA Pre-Draft process was great because they helped put me in the best shape of my life. They did a tremendous job of making sure I was ready for NBA workouts and NBA Summer League while keeping my health a top priority through a strong balance of hard work as well as recovery.

    Tarik Black
    Tarik Black NBA Player- Los Angeles Lakers
  • Healthy Baller has been a game changer for my son Louis.  His overall balance, speed and athleticism have improved so much since we started.  As a parent I can’t recommend Healthy Baller enough for any young athlete looking to get better.

    Lou Hutchinson
    Lou Hutchinson Parent

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