We recently crossed the one-year mark since opening the Healthy Baller Speed and Performance Center. It’s been a great year so far, and we want to send a huge “Thank You!” to those who have played an integral role in getting us up and running, specifically our athletes, their parents, and our coaches.

We recently had the opportunity to present our Nutrition and Injury Prevention Seminar to the entire Bethesda Soccer Club. This is our second year training the Club, so it was a great chance to spend non-training time with the athletes and parents. Our resident Physical Therapist, Dr. Teddy Wilsey, spoke briefly about injury prevention and how we at Healthy Baller address it. We also had Andres Ayesta of VIVE Nutrition present his nutrition tips for soccer athletes.

A great nutrition tidbit Andres shared at the seminar focused on the 3 R’s of Recovery:

  • Rehydrate: with fluids and electrolytes. Aim to consume16-24 ounces of fluids for every pound (lb) lost during games.
  • Repair: with protein rich foods or drinks. Aim to consume 20 grams post-workout/practice/game. Low-fat chocolate milk or protein shakes are good options.
  • Refuel: with fast-digesting, carbohydrate-rich foods, such as oats or granola bars.

We want to be clear – these 3 R’s together are vital to athletic success. Too often one or two get lost in the shuffle. But with so many athletes preparing for playoffs, and with many athletes gearing up for Spring tryouts, it’s important that all three be high on everyone’s athletic performance “To-Do” lists.

If you’d like a PDF version of the Nutrition PDF, please email us at info@healthyballer.com.