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We highly recommend that each athlete begin his/her time at Healthy Baller (HB) with our comprehensive movement analysis before starting a training regimen. This allows our staff to identify any asymmetries or imbalances that may increase the risk of injury or inhibit proper movement patterns. We combine the movement analysis with our performance testing to create an initial profile for each athlete. All athletes will receive a follow-up report and home program addressing the weak links found in their evaluations. We use his as the basis for creating a training regimen and regularly re-asses to monitor individual progress.

Movement Evaluation

Our movement evaluation is a unique combination of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Fusionetics Sports Science.  Both the FMS and Fusionetics are used by most college/professional Strength & Conditioning programs.This combination provides our staff with an extremely comprehensive profile of how each athlete moves, as well as any deficiencies that may be present.

Performance Testing

Our performance testing can be adjusted to meet the requirements of each individual sport.  At Healthy Baller we evaluate every athlete’s ability to complete several movements that we’ve deemed essential to becoming a well-rounded athlete. A few of our performance tests include, but are not limited to:

Tools used for additional Testing

POLAR Heart Rate Monitors
The POLAR Team training system is used to manage training volume for teams that have requested the additional data. The system allows us to track running speed, distance, heart rate, rest/recovery intervals, calories burned, running cadence and training load/recovery time. It is an incredible tool to help optimize training and recovery. We use a sensor for each athlete per training session, and everyone gets their own account in the Polar Team App, which gives us real time data during a session and  a full-recap of their work load after the session. This data is used by coaches to plan the intensity of practices and workouts leading up to, and after, games.

Fusion Sport Speed Timing System
Fusion Sport is a laser speed timing system that allows us to more accurately test individuals and groups. We can create and store testing profiles for each team and individual athlete on the Smartspeed application.  This information can be used to provide club or college coaches looking for a valid speed assessment of any athlete they are recruiting.

  • As soon as our team started to train with Matt and Healthy Baller, everything changed for our group in a very positive way.  We became a much more explosive unit, and I believe it was the manner in which we went about our business in terms of strength training, conditioning, as well as nutrition.  Matt had our guys so finely tuned into their bodies that they not only trained for the season, but for life.  Our team became strong in so many ways outside of just basketball, and we owe a great deal of the credit to Healthy Baller.

    Sean McAloon
    Sean McAloon Head Boys’ Basketball Coach St. John’s College High School
  • Simply put: Healthy Baller has taken our program to a different level.   We are proud to be one of the company's initial clients and the results delivered through the well-designed and enthusiastically implemented training program speak for themselves: we have won two VISAA State Championships and two WCAC Conference Championships over the past three seasons.   The key to our experience with Healthy Baller has been the sport-specific implementation of training techniques employed by Healthy Baller.  They are not trying to train our team like football players, they are training our team to be girls' lacrosse players and incorporating the latest technology and philosophies.  As a result, not only has our performance improved, but our injury rates have plummeted.  Our athletes are balanced, strong, fast, and agile.   I cannot speak highly enough about our training experience with Healthy Baller.

    Rick Sofield
    Rick Sofield Girls' Lacrosse Coach Bishop Ireton High School

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