Are you a parent who drops
off your kids for training at our facility?

Do you ever wait in our lounge and wish you could get in a workout, too? We have great news for you! Healthy Baller now offers One-on-One- and Small-Group Personal Training for adults.

Adult Training

We have recruited some of the best and brightest trainers in the industry to help clients with:

  • Athletic Performance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Gains
  • Improved Functional Movement
  • Post-Rehab Exercise
  • Sport-Specific Training (e.g., golf, tennis, swimming, triathlon, etc.)

We begin the training process with a detailed evaluation of every client in order to identify any muscle imbalances, stability/mobility issues, or movement compensations that may affect an individual’s performance. This evaluation, along with an understanding of your physical fitness goals, allows us to design a program that best fits your needs.

Make yourself a priority and workout with the best trainers in the DC-area. Schedule a session while you’re here with your kids, or come workout while they’re in school. You trust us to help your kids improve their athletic performance; we can help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals, too.

Adult Group Training

Start the New Year off strong and join our newly formed adult group fitness classes where unrivaled, high energy personal trainers and cutting edge workouts come together to challenge you every day.  Each day we will have a different themed workout customized to your fitness level with different objectives.  Drop in once a week for your favorite class or come all week to get your body into the best shape of your life. First week free!

Daily Training Focus:

  • Monday: Movement Mondays (Exercises to help our real world athletes move better)

  • Tuesday: Total Body Lift Tuesday (Full Body Lift Focus)

  • Wednesday: Metabolic Wednesday (Uptempo workout with a bodyweight focus)

  • Thursday: Triple Threat Thursday (Stretch/Strength/Condition)

  • Friday: Finish Strong Friday (High Intensity Circuit Training)

  • As soon as our team started to train with Matt and Healthy Baller, everything changed for our group in a very positive way.  We became a much more explosive unit, and I believe it was the manner in which we went about our business in terms of strength training, conditioning, as well as nutrition.  Matt had our guys so finely tuned into their bodies that they not only trained for the season, but for life.  Our team became strong in so many ways outside of just basketball, and we owe a great deal of the credit to Healthy Baller.

    Sean McAloon
    Sean McAloon Head Boys’ Basketball Coach St. John’s College High School

Together, we’ll make you a Healthy Baller!